It’s really quite unbelievable that we are still seeing countless Acai Berry scams surfacing across the internet almost daily, tricking innocent online shoppers into handing over their hard-earned money. Equally frustrating though are ‘Acai Berry extracts’ which is basically code for I am claiming to beĀ Acai Berry but only a small percentage of this product is actually acai berry.

As I am sure you will agree, if a company sells an Acai Berry product then said product should be 100% pure and not some second-rate, partially Acai Berry ‘extract’ unless it explicitly states that it is an extract.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how the internet works and so the responsibility lands with the customer to ensure that they purchase their Acai Berry from a safe and respectable website who, most importantly, can be trusted to sell 100% pure Acai Berry with no fillers.

There are several very safe and trustworthy sources of Acai Berry online and we created this website to ensure that each of the honest suppliers of Acai Berry are given the spotlight that they deserve and to help keep our visitors safe from scams.

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