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Does Acai Berry work? What’s the truth behind this best-selling superfood? This site will use independent reviews from consumers so that you can buy with confidence. If you find a new scam site, please let us know so that we can make sure others are aware.

The most popular scam has been to sign up unwitting consumers to ‘free trials’. These free trials require credit card details, and then consumers find they can’t cancel their subscriptions.

Scam sites are easy to spot, but how do you know you’re getting good Acai Berry?

Acai Berry is undeniably a great product, so we set up this site to expose the dodgy sites and celebrate the good ones. On this Which Acai Berry you will find details of scam sites, but also reviews on what’s the best Acai Berry to buy.


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Acai Berry News and Featured Articles

Acai Berry: Extract or not extract. That is the question.

It’s really quite unbelievable that we are still seeing countless Acai Berry scams surfacing across the internet almost daily, tricking innocent online shoppers into handing over their hard-earned money. Equally frustrating though are ‘Acai Berry extracts’ which is basically code for I am claiming to be Acai Berry but only a small percentage of this product [...]

Acai Berry Infograph : 10 thinks you need to know about Acai Berry

We love the neat little Acai Berry infograph, the guys at HealthSpark have put together. Some really great facts about our favourite superfood. Check out these top 10 facts about Acai Berry. 1. Acai berry is sustainably farmed in the Amazon on 1.6m acres 2. The berry is grown on 10,000 family farms. 3. 100g [...]

Acai Berry January Sales

According to top sellers of Acai Berry, HealthSpark report that in their January sale, Acai Berry has been their number 1 selling product for the third year running. We’ve certainly seen a surge in demain at WhichAcaiBerry. When we surveyed users of WhichAcaiBerry, we keep hearing that people are buying Acai Berry because their friends [...]

Latest Independent Reviews

HealthSpark Acai Berry

My first order went to my old address in Leeds but healthspark were very kind enough to re-send me it to my new address in London.. i can't complain as the address issue was my fault and they resent it for free. thanks.

HealthSpark Acai Berry

I have had the pleasure of being a HealthSpark customer for 1 and a half years and I can honestly say that they are a delight to buy from! Not only do they have a very friendly customer service team but their website is also easy to use. Not forgetting that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Who else offers that!?

HealthSpark Acai Berry

I like this product very much, order came next day